Our Code of Ethics guides the multiple of decisions each of our staff members make each day.  At the core of our value system is that our existence is dependent on providing great value to each of our customers – in their eyes.

1. We treat each customer with Honesty, Compassion, and Courtesy.  We live to serve our customers and we never forget this.

2. We seek to provide outstanding service to our customers first because we know that this is the only way to a truly successful and sustainable business.

3. We ensures the customer gets the most practical quality for the price provided and ensure that no customer will lose spare parts or belongings in our custody.

4. We stand behind our word and don’t try to dodge our responsibility to you, our customer.We own up to our mistakes because this is the single most important method to learning and growing as a business and as individuals.

5. We strive to promote goodwill in our communities by encouraging our people to serve other people and organizations that need help

6. We aim to promote and improve the reputation of the automobile industry to the public by providing an example of how a great Automotive Company delivers great service.


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